A complete kit to run our RGB light bars and includes everything you need to install these lights. The base kit includes 2 light bars, a controller, a splitter and 2 extension cables to connect the light bars to the controller. All components connect together using the supply connectors. Simply align the arrows on the connectors to plug the lights into the extension cables and the extesion cables and spliter into the controller and then connect your 12 volt power to the controller. Light bars are connectable and come with a 4 inch connector on each end.


12 volt RGB IP67 color changing LED Light bars in an aluminum channel with a clear protective lens.  These color changing LED light bars have a IP67 waterproof rating which protects them from washdown, rain, etc.  Each bar comes with double sided mounting tape as well as screw mounts and 2 x 316 stainless screws for an easy, secure installation.  Clean surface prior to mounting the light bar for to ensure good adhesion.


Plug and Play Kit Package Contents

  • RGB LED Light Bars (Select the size, 20" or 40" and the quanity you want)
  • 316 stainless screws to mount the light light bars (2 per light bar)
  • 1 x Controller (select either Bluetooth or RF remote option)
  • 2 x 4 Pin RGB Extension Cords (to connect light bars to the controller)
  • 1 x 4 Pin RGB Splitter Cable (to connect strips to controller)
  • Heat shrink Tubing to seal connectors AFTER installing and testing

LED Light Bar RGB Color Changing Kit

    1. Standard or Premium Controller:
      Standard controllers have to be mounted in a dry location. The premium controllers are waterpoof (IP67) so can get wet. For either standard or premium, select either bluetooth or RF. RF uses a remote control to controller the lights. The bluetooth uses an application on your phone (you will need to download) to control the lights.
    2. Light Bar Size and Quanity: 
      Light bars are sold in packs of 2 and come in either a 20" or 40" size. Order up to 16 20" light bars or up to 8 40" light bars. Light bars are connectable and come with a 4 inch connector on each end.

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