12V Submersible Marine LED strip lights with IP68 waterproof rating SMD 5050

Size: 2FT
Color: Blue
Sale price$12.95


Mount these waterproof Single Color LED strips anywhere you want to add lighting. Mount LEDs under your gunnels, in cockpit, in cabins, in live wells / bait wells, and anywhere else you need LED strips that can be submerged under water.  LED strips come with 3M VHB adhesive backing for easy installation.

LED strips can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks with out damage to rest of the LEDs. End caps and RTV silicone are required to reseal the strips once they have been cut to size. End caps and RTV silicone are sold separately.

These boat LED light strips have a waterproof rating of IP 68 allowing LEDs to be submersible in water.  The LED strips are encased in a silicone tube that is sealed on each end.

LED strips come with 20 gauge wire leads only (Red + and Black -). NO power supply/adapter is included. Wire into your existing 12 volt system.


  • Marine LED Lights: Live well, bait well, under gunnels, cockpits, swim platform, console, pontoon, kayak, paddle board.
  • Automotive LED Lights: Truck under glow, truck underbody, off-road led lights, ATV, snowmobile, RV, caravan, trailer, horse trailer led lighting.
  • Outdoor LED Lights:  Tiki bar, dock lighting, ponds, pools, decks, fountains, waterfalls, etc.


  • Length: Customize from 2FT to full 16.4FT roll (sizes are approximate and within 0.25 Inch)
  • Color: Choose between Blue, Cool White, Red, and Green
  • LEDs: 60 SMD 5050 leds per meter
  • Lifespan: 30,000+
  • 4.4 Watts per foot
  • 330 Lumen per foot
  • 0.37 amps per foot
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC

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