Lumitec Poco Digital Lighting Control 3.0

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Poco Digital Lighting Control 3.0

Poco Digital Lighting Control is a low-cost, easy-to-install, and set up onboard digital lighting control system that offers full dimming and color control over all your Lumitec PLI-enabled lights at the touch of a button via any compatible MFD or connected smart device. Poco 3.0 adds enhanced wireless security, an external API for compatibility with networked third-party automation systems, and a "Triggers" feature which allows for the triggering of Poco virtual switches by external inputs - all packaged within a responsive user interface for better mobile device usability.


  • PWR: Positive 10-30 VDC POCO supply power. Line must be fused prior to connecting to POCO with 3 Amp ATC blade fuse or equivalent (Constant ON or Switched with ACC Line)
  • GRND: Negative 10-30 VDC POCO supply power
  • ACC: Positive 10-30 VDC, Low current enable line to turn POCO on from remote device (i.e. MFD) (Must be powered to enable Poco)
  • 1-4 IN: Channel Input power. Line must be fused prior to connecting to POCO with 10 Amp ATC blade fuse or equivalent (14 AWG 300V 16 inch long cable)
  • 1-4 OUT: Channel Output power to the lighting circuit. Maximum 10 Amp load per channel. The maximum total load across all channels is limited to 40 Amps. Load on the channel must be only one of the following (Lumitec PLI enabled lighting/lighting capable of dimming (through PWM) / device requiring a standard ON-OFF circuit) (14 AWG 300V 16 inch long cable)
  • LAN: Local Area Network connection. 10/100 Base T data connection to POCO. Standard CAT-5 cable with RJ45 connector required to plug into sealed network cable adapter. (18 inch long cable with Link light)
  • POWER: Indicator - Illuminates Green if POCO is powered on, both PWR and ACC lines must have supply voltage between 10 and 30 VDC
  • CH1-4: Indicator - Illuminates Red if power is supplied to Channel from fuse/breaker panel: - Illuminates Green if power is supplied to Channel input and the channel is turned on inside of POCO controller; PLI enabled lights may be OFF: - Flashes Orange if PLI data is transmitted: - Illuminates Orange if the channel is dimmed through a PWM signal.
  • STATUS: Green blinking light indicates WiFi connection status: - 0 blinks: WiFi disabled - 1 blink: WiFi-enabled but not connected to any peers - 2 blinks: WiFi is connected to one or more peers Blue blinking light indicates Bluetooth-LE connection status: - 0 blinks: Bluetooth-LE is disabled - 1 blink: Bluetooth-LE enabled but not connected - 2 blinks: Bluetooth-LE is connected

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