Premium Bluetooth RGB LED Controller IP67 Waterproof Rating - 360 Watts 6Amps per Channel

Sale price$54.95


12V Bluetooth RGB LED Controller for RGB led strips and RGB underwater LED lights. The Bluetooth controller comes with an iPhone or Android app to allow you to control your RGB lights using your phone and has an advanced micro-controller unit to provide a variety of functions beyond basic color changes, including color fade, color jump, strobe, and others.  Easy to connect! Powerful with a maximum load of 360watts at 12volts or 720 watts at 24 volts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Dynamic or static color modes
  • Customize color, brightness and timer settings
  • Input: DC12V - DC24V
  • Output: 3 CMOS output
  • Output Current: 6A per channel
  • Output Power: 12V < 360W, 24V < 720W
  • Connecting Mode: Common Anode

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